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Confessions of a Shopaholic started my lady love for author Sophie Kinsella. The novel, which has since been made into a movie (although not half as good as the book itself!), tells the story of Becky Bloomwood, a woman dangerous with a credit card! The success of the book is probably attributed to the fact that we all have a bit of Becky in us. No? Just me then!

Her most recent in the series of novels, Mini Shopaholic certainly does not disappoint! We see Becky a few years later, still soldiering on in the dangerous world of designer and 50% off sales, except this time she has a baby of her own. Unfortunately, little Minnie creates havoc wherever she goes (Harrods and Harvey Nics of course!), hires taxis at random and has even figured out how to bid for designer bags on eBay!

Becky struggles day to day with throwing a party for husband Luke on a budget and battling with her child’s tantrums and expensive tastes!

I love, love, LOVE Sophie Kinsella and my amour is reaffirmed with the writing style of this book. The perfect novel for chilling by a Spanish pool sipping a cocktail… or, for the majority of us, sitting at home in front of the fire in rainy Ireland! Chick lit at its best!


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