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The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl

As a nation, we don’t really like talking about sex. In fact the slightest mention of the word can cause cheeks to flame bright red! I must admit that I tried my best to hide this book somewhere in between my more conservative purchases at the book store, hoping not to be exposed by the sales assistant as some sort of sex maniac. So cling to your dignity and grasp onto your prudish ways as I’d like to introduce you to Belle De Jour.

The book is composed like a diary, which Belle decided to keep for one year to document the goings on in her life, including the day to day antics of her out-of-the-ordinary job. Oh, did I fail to mention that Belle is a prostitute?

Belle, who unashamedly admits she loves her job, provides a no-holds-barred account of some of her more memorable clients; including one man who enjoys ‘farmyard tendencies’, shall we say! Even her personal life is far from normal, providing even more laughs for the reader. Although some may complain that the book glamourises prostitution, I disagree and believe the story should be enjoyed for what it is; an entertaining and insightful look into the fascinating world of a high-class call girl. The very personal writing style ensures that you really and truly lose yourself in the hectic life of Ms De Jour.

This book is not for the fainthearted, the sexual antics resulted in me barring even my own mother from giving it a read (I was born by immaculate conception don’t you know!), yet truly, I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone who is willing to acknowledge a different way of living. Just don’t go leaving it lying around the house for your nephews/nieces/children to read!

And if you enjoy the book, why not check out the equally graphic and hilarious TV adaption of the story played by the very brave and believable Billie Piper!

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