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Being a frequent ‘waxee’ I like to know the treatment is going to be done right and to my fussy specifications. So when I went along for my first waxing experience at Dublin city centre’s Wax in the City I was armed with a mental check-list!

Wax in the City is a German line of waxing salons; with salons also in Austria, Switzerland and now here in Ireland. The salon caters for both men and women and if one thing’s for sure, it’s that the Germans are known for being efficient and working to a high standard. I can happily say with confidence that this is definitely true of my first experience of Wax in the City.

Not only was I ‘uber’ (that’s some German from my Leaving Cert days!) impressed, Wax in the City is now my preferred choice of waxing salons, and I’m spreading the word!

The reasons are many, Firstly, it’s not necessary to call ahead to make an appointment. Wax in the City provide a walk-in service. There is more than enough staff, also known as ‘Depiladoras’, and ‘waxing cabins’ (I’ll get to those shortly). For me, calling ahead to make a waxing appointment has always been a nuisance; either I leave it to the last minute and can’t get a suitable time/date, an event suddenly pops up and I want to wear that LBD but don’t want to sport any shaving cuts, or it eats in to my precious free time. Enough time is taken up with hair appointments, applying the tan and seeing to all the other rituals that we lucky gals have to endure! So when something can save me time, can be done last minute or on a whim, saving some of that precious ‘me’ time, I’m all for it! I really like that aspect of Wax in the City.

I was escorted to a waxing cabin by a lovely girl who was both pleasant and informative about the treatments on offer, the salon and the intensive training all Depiladoras (I like that name!) go through. I was told that all Depiladoras attend a salon in Germany for a number of weeks, where it’s long hours and rigorous training… sure we wouldn’t expect anything less from Germany! All the Depiladoras are trained in the same way, therefore when you walk in to the salon on any given day it doesn’t matter who provides the treatment. If you have a preference however, you can ask for someone. Happy customers either way!

The waxing cabins are at the back on the salon, privately separated from the cool urbane-style designed reception area. The treatment area is made up of row of rooms with partition walls between each room. The area is clean, comfortable and spacious enough to change in and get ready. There are no waxing strips involved; a warm, beeswax-based wax is placed over the treatment area after it has been treated with Hamamelis water. The wax sets into a rubber-like mould and is gently peeled away. The process is terrific; I’d go as far as to say almost pain free. In your face waxing strips! Afterwards the area is treated with Hamamelis water once again, and you are left with soft, smooth hairless skin. The results have been great, lasting up to four weeks. Again this will depend on the area being waxed, as well as hair growth speed and coarseness. There is a range of Swiss ecological homecare products for pre and post treatment if you wish to purchase. The Depiladoras were more than helpful and offered tips on treating the skin before and after the treatment.

The entire process was quick, efficient and effective. So stop by, walk in and walk out with smooth skin. Prices are reasonable and start from as little €6.

Wax in the City, 26 South William Street, Dublin 2. www.wax-in-the-city.com


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