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Laura Francis from Hession Hairdressing on achieving the most natural hair extensions look


We regularly suffer from hair envy as we look at long, luscious celebrity tresses; silky smooth, glossy and not a split end in sight! Well we can all feel that bit better in knowing many of them fake it! Everyone from Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson to Britney Spears and Selina Gomez are all sporting hair extensions on a daily basis. Hair extensions, clip in extensions and hair pieces have all become the must-have accessory to change your look in an instant. We took a closer look at how Cheryl Cole has used extensions to change up her look so effectively at the Cannes Film Festival recently!

Hair extensions play a big part in the celebrity lifestyle, but in the last few years they have become extremely popular in salons all over the world and these days more and more people are wearing them.  They are used not only for added length but also by people with fine hair to add thickness and volume to their hair. Celebrities have the opportunity to avail of the best and at Hession Hairdressing we use Racoon hair extensions as it is currently the number one brand internationally, using highest quality human hair so it can be styled as you would usually and it has taken the UK and Ireland by storm! They only use the finest quality hair available, which achieves fantastic results and the extensions are added to add length and are even used for piece work such as adding fringes, as Cheryl has been known to do in the past.

Professionally attached extensions are the options chosen by celebrities to get the looks we all want to attain. If you seek out a professional and experienced hair extensionist you will be able to get the looks you really want. It is essential that an in-depth consultation is carried out to analyse hair colours to ensure they provide the best match for your hair! Celebrities like Cheryl have their extensions applied weight for weight which means there is no pull on the root so it doesn’t damage their own hair and it is applied with a special bonding. What you probably didn’t know is that you mustn’t use any sulphate-based shampoo or conditioners as they will break down and weaken the bonding. There are superb extension-specific products on the market such as Xtend shampoo and conditioner and yes you do need a bit of patience as a set of extensions could take you anything from three hours to five hours, but generally last about three months, with a maintenance visit after about eight weeks – but these look amazing!

We specialise in piece work and as such, requirements differ all the time and therefore so do the prices as they are tailored to suit individual requirements. But if you don’t have the money to get extensions like Cheryl you can always fake it yourself with the cheaper and less permanent clip-in extensions, which are proving extremely popular, easy on the pocket and instant; you can put them in before you go out and take them out before going to bed!

Laura Francis, Extension specialist, Hession Hairdressing, 4 Vernon Ave, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Tel 01 8330110 www.hessionhairdressing.ie


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