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Following their debut in the autumn/winter 2011 advertising campaign, Miu Miu presents its new classic pumps for the party season. Available in four glittering shades of blue, pink, orange and fuchsia, I simply adore the sky-high heel and feminine shape. Heed my advice however; when attempting to rock a pair of these sparklers, team them with a simple black dress or something similarly muted as these shoes will pop with the right outfit, but will look cheap and trashy with the wrong one – so avoid over-doing it with colour!

If I was female, or the type of gent that likes to wear women’s shoes, these would be top of my wish list, they’re like jewellery for the feet! Plus they’re Miu Miu and you can’t beat a pair of Miu Miu heels for adding more than a hint of glam to a party ensemble.

€420, from www.miumiu.com


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