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INTERVIEW: RTE Presenter Diana Bunici Talks Fashion, Beauty and Celebrity Cirl Crushes

What’s your beauty/skincare regime like?

I like to think I take quite good care of my skin. No matter how tired I am, I always take off every last bit of make-up before going to bed. I also exfoliate regularly and I like to use a good facemask once a week.

Do you go for beauty treatments?

I’m afraid I’m not very adventurous when it comes to beauty treatments! It’s not quite a beauty treatment but I do like to treat my mam and I to a nice massage at the spa every now and again. I look forward to using the steam room and saunas almost as much as the massage itself!

Make-up products you couldn’t live without?

Having fair hair, I can’t live without mascara. If I had to hand over everything in my make-up bag except one product, I would choose to keep the mascara as it defines the eyes and makes them pop. I’ve been using Diorshow for years but recently I’ve tried YSL Shocking and I really liked it!

Skincare products you couldn’t live without?

Can I say water? Water is an amazing skincare “product.”

Best piece of beauty advice?

Less is more. Especially when it comes to fake tan and blusher! Some people really go overboard!

Who does your hair?

I always do my own hair, I’am my own stylist! Aside from wearing it down, I’m a huge fan of plaits and I learned how to do a fishbone plait watching a YouTube hair tutorial. It takes less than five minutes and it’s such an easy, relaxed style to wear. If ever I need a blow-dry or a trim, I stay local and go to Occasions hair salon, which is five minutes away from my house. I’ve been going there for forever!

Do you have a favourite make-up artist?

Much like with my hair, I tend to do my own make-up. From my debs, to work and social events I attend, I’ve always done my own. Sometimes I’m adventurous and try out new trends but for the most part I have a look that I’m used to and I stick to it.

Signature scent?

For years I’ve worn D&G perfume. I tend to alternate between Light Blue in the summer and L’Imperatrice throughout the rest of the year. I love any scent that is light and fresh.

Describe your style?

Young, girly and not-necessarily-on-trend. I think my personal style is elegant, as I tend to wear a lot of pieces that I think are timeless. I’m not really one to follow trends when it comes to dressing myself. I like to wear clothes that suit my body and that I feel comfortable in; comfort is always key! No matter how much I might love something, if I’m not comfortable in it, I won’t wear it. I love fashion and I keep up with the trends but I’m afraid they just don’t always suit me.

Favourite designer?

I’m a high street girl but I love Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford.

Favourite high street store?

It may seem unusual for a girl but I’ve never been especially loyal to just one store – my wardrobe is a mish mash of clothes from all sorts of high street shops. I guess because there are so many brands under one roof, House of Fraser brings me back again and again.

Heels or flats?

Heels! I’m always in heels and I find it funny because people always comment; “I don’t know how you walk around in those all day long.” Nobody can understand when I say that I’m more comfortable in a heel that in a flat! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around in stilettoes all day long, I love chunky heels and wedges… they have to be somewhat practical.

Are you currently coveting anything in particular?

This is quite bold as I really don’t need it but I am coveting the Modalu Pippa handbag in the colour Shark. It’s such a beautifully crafted, classy, timeless handbag- it would go with everything in my wardrobe. I’ve looked it up online so many times I could probably sketch it out in detail!

Who’s your style icon?

Jessica Alba always looks incredible! I adore her because she doesn’t always play it safe. Emma Stone always looks beautiful too.

Celebrity crush?

As above, they are my girl crushes!

Must-see TV show?

The People of the Year Awards that are on RTÉ every September. I believe every person has an interesting story to tell and the human stories highlighted by the People of the Year Awards always tug at my heartstrings. I find it a really inspirational show and I’m delighted that what I consider as the ‘angels’ in our communities are getting nationwide recognition for their selfless acts of courage and kindness.

Reality TV shows – a stroke of genius or a monster created to turn desperate wannabes in to minor celebrities?

I think they fall somewhere in between. Reality shows are fascinating because as human beings we’ll always be intrigued by other people and how they live their lives and cope in certain situations. What I don’t particularly agree with is how they can catapult people who don’t necessarily deserve it to celebrity status.

Would you ever do a reality show?

Only if it was a show like Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice and it was for charity. I love the idea of picking up a new skill and challenging myself on a weekly basis. A show like Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity would never appeal to me. I’m far too private to willingly put so much of my life out there!

Favourite city?

Being a Dublin girl, I have to say Dublin. I love the familiarity of it and how everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve always had a soft spot for London too; the architecture, the culture, the restaurants, the night life, the hustle and bustle – it’s all very appealing to me. I’ve never been to Barcelona but I can imagine falling in love with it… any city by the sea is an ideal spot, really!

Favourite restaurant?

The kitchen at home. My mum is the best cook in the world and she often spoils us with delicious freshly cooked Moldovan food. Our way of setting the dinner table is much like the Spanish and tapas – lots and lots of dishes to pick from! My new favourite place to dine out though is Bite in Dublin – their mushy peas are a must!

The perfect Saturday/Sunday afternoon?

Easy! A hike, followed by a gorgeous home-cooked meal and a movie. I like to keep things simple and low key so some fresh air, good food, nice company and a funny film would make for the perfect afternoon.

You’re stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

Hmm… my iphone because I’ll be able to make contact with people on less deserted lands, tweet my adventures, catch up with world news and listen to music; a water bottle so I can carry water around with me as I explore the island and a peach because it’s my favourite fruit and I can plant the seed once I eat it so that I can grow my own tree and never be hungry!

Diana is an Ambassador for this year’s People of the Year Awards organised by Rehab. Nominate your inspiring person of the year at www.peopleoftheyear.com or by contacting the People of the Year Office for a nomination form on 01 2057260. This year, for the first time, people can also make their nominations at www.facebook.com/rehab25. The closing date for entries is Friday June 14th, 2013 and the awards will be broadcast on RTE One on Saturday September 14th.


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