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Vicky Kavanagh gets her ‘do attended to at one of Ireland’s top, award-winning hair salons


Does anyone else go into a mild state of panic before going to the hairdresser? I must admit, while I take care of my clothes and shoes, conduct research to figure out which shade of foundation will suit my extremely pale skin, and dedicate serious time to the search for fake eyelashes that won’t make me look like a drag queen, I’m less loving with my hair.

It’s been dyed every shade possible. I straighten it, curl it and consider it a luxury when I use the Aussie Hair Miracle stuff. To be honest, I’m a bit sadistic with my tresses. So when it was time to review Zeba Salon on Dublin’s South William Street, I was mildly anxious about what the stylist was going to say about my hair, how badly they would give out to me for my mistreatment, try to persuade me that taking a few inches off would make it much healthier… The usual experience I’ve had with hairdressers. Thankfully, Zeba is a cut above the rest (see what I did there?). The salon is modern and welcoming and the staff are friendly without being overbearing.

On the morning of my appointment I arrived and was promptly seated on a plush couch with a black coffee (it was 11am and I was still groggy, I’m mainly powered by coffee and Marlboros) and the latest Marie Claire. As I allowed myself to relax and try not to think about the naughty school-girl lecture I’m expecting to get, I found myself thinking “Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

I was assigned a darling stylist called Darragh. In the world of the hairdresser/customer relationship, Darragh is my soulmate. He is polite and friendly but didn’t batter me with conversation, and the topic of where I’ll be holidaying this year never  came up! As Darragh worked his fingers and Kerastase through my hair, I reached a Nirvana status that one cannot acquire without hallucinogens.  After a stressful morning on four hours sleeps, rushing to fit in early morning meetings, I was in a zen –like state of relaxation when Daragh led me to dry and style my hair. I’d also like to add that not ONCE did he say anything bad about my hair. Or hurt my scalp.

With more magazines and inquires as to whether I wanted more coffee or not, Daragh got to work. By the time he’d finished drying my hair with a slight wave, my tresses felt more loved than they had in their previous 21-years of existence. They were shiny, soft and healthy. Heck, I felt ready to do a freaking L’Oreal ad!

This experience was a real treat for me,  but after the treatment and the noticeable difference in the condition of my hair since, I will definitely be going back. The best bit is that despite the high-quality and ideal location of the salon, there are lots of competitively priced deals; including a shampoo and blow-dry for €20 and 50% off full colour services every Monday. The staff are great, the atmosphere is calming, the rates are affordable and the treatment is excellent. What are you waiting for?


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